11 Fashion Ideas for Festive Dogs

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Holidays wouldn’t be the same without dressing up our darling fur-babies and taking a photo for the family seasonal card. (They get treats, the family gets a laugh — we all win.) Every year it comes down to what do we dress them in? Here are jolly outfits that made our list this year. Perhaps they’ll make your list, too.

1. So ugly they’re cute


Ugly Holiday Sweater parties are all the rage these days. Now your dog can accompany you and wear his own goofy sweater thanks to New York Dog’s Ugly Holiday Sweaters.

Available in sizes XS (for dogs 9 to 11 inches long) to XL (18 to 20 inches).

$14.99 at Worldwise Holiday/Amazon.com

2. Simply classic


If you want to do a little something special for the holidays without going overboard, you’ll love the Red Seersucker Bow Tie Dog Collar (for boys) and Red Grid Belle Bow Collar (for girls, above). Available with a gold metal, silver metal, or black plastic buckle. The removable bow tie lets you change up the look with ease.

$46 at Crew LaLa

3. Beary merry

Moose coat from the Worthy Dog

Whether out Christmas caroling or curled up by the fire, your dog will appreciate the warm and cozy double-knit Polar Bear Sweater. Available in sizes XXS (fits dogs 2 to 5 pounds) to XXL (fits dogs 38 to 52 pounds). A button hole on the back lets you easily clip his leash to a harness.

$32 to $42 at The Worthy Dog

4. Dressing it up old school



Give your pup a touch of holiday cheer with these Velcro bandanas from Pampered Pet. The bandanas are available in plenty of sizes from tiny (up to 10 inches) to XXXL (27 to 30 inches). You’ll be laughing all the way with fun holiday designs like the Reindeer and Santa Pup.

$7 to $13 at Pampered Pet Bandanas

5. Dashing all the way

Image courtesy Zippy Paws

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself. This fun antler headband will brighten up any holiday party. Don’t worry, your dog will forgive you.

$5.99 (small) and $6.99 (large) at Zippy Paws

6. Santa’s little helper


When you’re baking Christmas cookies on a snowy Saturday morning and wrapping gifts late at night, who’s always by your side? Your dog, aka Santa’s helper! This soft cotton creation, available as a dress or T-shirt, is bedazzled with Swarovski crystals.

$57.95 (dress) and $55.95 (T-shirt) at oscarnewman.com

7. Wrap ’em up!

Holiday scarf by Zippy Paws

Statement scarves dress up any occasion. These festive holiday scarves come in multiple designs, like the Santa Scarf pictured here. These warm and wonderful accessories are the right fit, too, coming in two sizes: small (fits collar size up to 16 inches) and large (up to 21 inches).

$5.99 to $7.99 at Zippy Paws

8. All dolled up 

Winter Wonderland dress by Ruff Ruff Couture

Special occasions like pictures with Santa or elegant parties call for something extra fancy. Your pooch will deck the halls in style when she wears the Winter Wonderland vest or dress this holiday season. Available in sizes XXS to XL.

$44 at Ruff Ruff Couture

9. Moose on the loose


Could this sweater be any cuter? Your pooch will be toasty warm and look adorably festive in the unisex Moose Lodge Sweater Vest.

$33.95 at oscarnewman.com

10. Hats off

Toboggan-red hat by the Worthy Dog

No winter outfit is complete without a hat. This darling toboggan hat has holes for your dog’s ears, an adorable pom pom on top, and chin straps. Available in sizes XXS to L. Comes in red, gray, blue, and pink.

$16 to $18 at The Worthy Dog

11. Holidays in the hood

Reindeer hoodie by the Worthy Dog

From the adorable Rudolphesque reindeer (complete with Christmas lights) to the antlers adorning the hood, this sweater is cute as can be. The double-knit Rudy Reindeer Hoodie Sweater is available in sizes XXS (fits dogs 2 to 5 pounds) to L (fits dogs 18 to 28 pounds). A buttonhole on the back lets you easily clip his leash to a harness.

$32 to $40 at The Worthy Dog

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