10 Behavior and Training Tweets That Can’t be Beat!

THE BEST DOG TRAINING ADVICE ON I know that many of my Dogster pals are social-networking savvy, having pages established on sites like Twitter and...



Some of our favorite tweeple!

I know that many of my Dogster pals are social-networking savvy, having pages established on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Today, I’ll introduce you to ten of my favorite “tweeters,” twitter users who post reliable, dog-friendly training info, videos, news, and articles, in no particular order. Tomorrow, I’ll introduce ten of my favorite Facebook pages for fellow behavior and training devotees!

Dog Star Daily on Twitter: Dog Star Daily, brainchild of Dr. Ian Dunbar, is widely recognized as one of the most comprehensive, dog-friendly resources on the web. Dr. Dunbar’s site provides a wealth of information to pet owners and behavior professionals alike. The DSD twitter page is created and maintained by Dr. Dunbar’s wonderful, fun, and talented wife Kelly. Followers of DSD on twitter can expect reliable, consistent, scientifically valid training information daily, from many of the industry’s leading professionals.

Darlene Arden, Pet Expert on Twitter: Darlene is one of the friendliest, most knowledgeable dog pros I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. You can count on Darlene for the latest news and developments in the training community, friendlyencouragement and positive reinforcement for dog lovers and pet pros alike, and some great music suggestions as well!

Through a Dog’s Ear on Twitter: Lisa Spector is one of my very favorite ladies, a respected colleague and co-creator of one of the most fantastic behavior resources of the last decade, the Through a Dog’s Ear series, which is intended to bioaccoustically calm anxious dogs through beautiful, relaxing, classical music.

The Fearful Dog Blog on Twitter: The Fearful Dog Blog is created and maintained by my friend and fellow dogster mom Debbie Jacobs. Debbie provides a wealth of free resources to pet parents sharing their lives with fearful dogs both on Twitter and through her website at www.fearfuldogs.com.

Karen Pryor on Twitter: Karen Pryor needs little introduction to the B & T community. Most of the training world credits Karen with bridging the gap between exotic animal and companion animal training by introducing an event marker or conditioned reinforcer to the process of training the family dog, cat, or horse. Follow Karen on twitter for the latest news in the clicker training community – your dog will thank you for it!

BoulderDog on Twitter: Deborah Flick is, truly, one of my favorite behavior bloggers. Deborah’s writing blends equal parts compassion, enthusiasm, understanding, and humor and is a must-read for any dog lover. You can read Deborah’s blog at www.boulderdog.net.

Dog Spelled Forward on Twitter. Eric Goebelbecker is a fantastic blogger, on Twitter, Facebook, and his own personal blog, available at www.dogspelledfoward.com. Eric is funny, interesting, and consistently provides practical solutions to every day behavior problems which assist John Q. Everydogowner in improving canine-human relationships and understanding.

Grisha Stewart, of Ahimsa Dog Training on Twitter. Grisha really is one of my favorite behavior professionals. She is innovative, creative, educated, and responsible for one of the most revolutionary new treatments for dog reactivity and aggression, Behavior Adjustment Training (B.A.T.). Follow Grisha on Twitter, your dog will thank you for it!

Nicole Wilde on Twitter. Recurrent readers of my various blogs will know that Nicole is, without question, one of my favorite authors and trainers. Nicole is quite active on Twitter, posting new behavior blogs, articles, and invaluable training information frequently, often multiple times daily. Nicole is the author of a number of fantastic training resources, including one of my favorite training books of all time, Help for Your Fearful Dog. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s most well-respected authorities on dog behavior!

AVSAB Behavior on Twitter: If you want good behavior and training information, look no further than the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s twitter page. AVSAB is an invaluable resource to both pet professionals and pet owners alike, offering a variety of articles, resources, and position statements to help you improve your bond with your favorite pooch.

I must admit, this list was almost painful for me to compile because restricting the list to 10 requires that I leave out some really fantastic B & T resources on Twitter. Stay tuned, I may just need to expand this listing to the “Top 20 B & T tweets that can’t be beat!”

Please share in the comments links to your favorite twitter behavior and training pages!

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