hercules fame- boy
Barked: Tue Jul 12, '11 10:50am PST 
hi guys im new

Yes I do have to- wag with my- whole body
Barked: Sun Jul 17, '11 12:08am PST 
So am I but I will say hello for the gang anyway. We have Am staffs and a true pit bull. All but one are incredibly sweet and loving.
Peggy Sue

dont get too- close... I'll- lick ya
Barked: Wed Jul 20, '11 7:23pm PST 
Hello, we are new here. I just want to say to all you pit bull owners out there, Im glad to meet you. my people are members of the ASPCA, and they have her getting signatures to stop banning us pitts. if People really got to know us they would learn that (if anything) we would just lick them to death, people just dont know, do they?


Love bug
Barked: Mon Aug 1, '11 9:28am PST 
Hey all!wave
I tell people to be careful that Moxie will try and jump up and lick your face because she can't control her licker.big laugh Most people laugh and I have been told by many people that she is so sweet, she has changed their minds about bullies!applause
We were talking at our block party yesterday that people are the problem not the dogs, when is the last time your pitbull wore a Nazi uniform?