Can anyone by looking at my Pit tell me what type she is?


Roxi is very- loveble and- loves attention
Barked: Thu Jun 9, '11 1:53am PST 
Can anyone tell me what kind of Pit I have, I have been told different things, I have had her since Feb. of 2011 and she turned 1 feb 7th, also Im having fun she is going through heat.. lol thank you for reading.snoopy

Sqeaky Toys- beware!
Barked: Mon Jun 27, '11 10:55pm PST 
Hmm not really but she is really cute! Maybe another Bully group could let you know..
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Barked: Sun Jul 3, '11 9:31pm PST 
I am not super knowledgable about types. As there are/can be soooo many in the mix called Pitty/Bully. I agree with Boo absolutely adorable grrrl, what ever the Type may be.;c9 Welcome sweet Roxi!!dog


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Barked: Tue Jul 12, '11 10:46am PST 
looks like a blue nose pit from the picture

I'm- Labradorabull
Barked: Mon Aug 1, '11 9:15am PST 
Looks like APBT or American Pit Bull Terrier.