Finally some good press!

Maya, CGC

You'll never- catch me!
Barked: Thu Aug 5, '10 7:36pm PST 
Did everyone see this news story??? We should post it around town... who is up for forcing CNN to run it for a week straight like they run their stupid pit bull attack stories wink a-from-near-fatal-coyote-attack/1

I'll watch that- shake for ya
Barked: Sun Aug 8, '10 7:14pm PST 
Send it in to CNN and all the major news sites. About time for some good press, agreed!
♥- DarlaMae - ♥

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Barked: Tue Aug 10, '10 8:30pm PST 
applause Bravo this is Pawesome news.applause Yes Do pass it on. So glad the little fella was saved & on the mend.hug

Hope Denver & all BSL towns should have this on their local news OVER & OVER!dog Like they do their Vicious dogbite stories.silenced