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Gromit is a fast eater and when I went to Petsmart, I saw a ball that said it was to help slow down a dogs eating. So I put in one of his treat balls and it slowed him down so much.
If a dog eats too fast they run the risk of bloat. Bloat is where the stomach twists on its self. If not treated in a matter of hours, it is deadly. Pits are a breed that is susceptible to bloat.
The other thing you can do is raise the bowl up.
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I worry about bloat with my guys; eating doesn't describe it--it's more like inhaling.
But I thought a raised bowl was NOT good. Can't remember where I read that, and it's quite possible I read it wrong...

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You can do the ball thing and putting them on timed feeding also seems to help.

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How does the ball work? Pooh doesn't chew, he inhales. The bowl is raised and it doesn'y slow him down a bit. I had thought he would stop eating so fast once he reaslized he would always have another meal. Three years alter, he eats just as fast.

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Kayla used to be an inhaler, but she has calmed down.

We purchased a "Kibble Nibble" by Busy Buddies and Kayla LOVES it! We will feed her breakfast or dinner sometimes that way, just to be different. We also put little treats in there, and she pushes it all over the house. Another idea is the the "Tug-A-Jug" by the same company. I think PetsMarts carry some of these products now, and I know a lot of dog specialty stores carry them. It is a fun way to eat their meals! Kayla also likes the "Squirrel Dude" for treats (both dry and frozen).

There are also special bowls out on the market that have a raised center especially for dogs who scarf down their food.

Pitties aren't in as much danger from bloat as are the larger, deep chested dogs such as Labs, Weimaraners, Great Danes, and Greyhounds. But...bloat is always something dog owners should take into consideration.

Another thing to help avoid bloat is to make sure that your dog doesn't drink a lot of water prior to and after eating his meal, and after hard exercise. I know that is hard to do when a dog is hot from exercise, but try to do the best that you can. We have had dogs come into the vet clinic (not deep chested dogs) and have "minor" bloat from fast and excessive drinking of water after a meal or hard exercising. Also, make sure that your dog doesn't play hard about an hour before and after a meal. Their stomach needs to be "quiet", as we say at the clinic. Bloat is a VERY scary thing!

Website for the Busy Buddy toys:

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The ball is so he has to work around them to slow him down.
We had heard about the eating and exercise.
We ran into a boxer at the beach that had bloat and was saved. what a scare!
He is used to the balls now so I need to get him bigger ballsred face

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Try the Brake-Fast Dog Food Bowl. It slows dogs down from eating fast. Here's their website -