Went to PetSmart Last Night....

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Drool - It bring's- treats!
Barked: Sun Mar 18, '07 12:36pm PST 

Would no-sugar added applesauce be appropriate to subsiture for oil in a dog cookie recipe ? I have many low fat low cal recipes for people that use that as a fat replacer. I have not made any dog cookies yet, so I don't know how it might work out.

Also, is Olive Oil a good oil to use ? or would it make the cookies taste bad ?
Phantom- Houdini

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Barked: Mon Mar 19, '07 11:44am PST 
I've seen several recipes that used natural (unsweetened) applesauce as an oil/fat replacer. I've also seen natural plum- or prune-based purees used. You can make them yourself or buy them at natural groceries. I haven't tried them, but I think my pups would love them, because they love pitted prunes as a healthy snack!

Not sure about olive oil... I think it may be a healthy option. I don't think the dogs will care about the taste; they don't have as acute a sense of taste as we do! (Remember, they eat poop and rotting squirrel guts with gusto!)

Drool - It bring's- treats!
Barked: Wed Mar 21, '07 10:22am PST 
I made Marlowe's Liver treat recipe lastnight and it is a tried and true recipe here. My dogs love them and they were not to hard to make.

The liver I bought was sliced and I had my son cut it up with scissors laugh out loud But I did some of it and can handle it. I think next time I will cut it up while it is still partially frozen.

I also put all 4 eggs in the blender with the liver and that helped.


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Barked: Wed Mar 21, '07 10:58am PST 
How bad was the smell? If not too gut wrenching, I'm going to stop today to get the ingredients. I have a bit of a weak stomach.

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Barked: Wed Mar 21, '07 11:04am PST 

Barked: Wed Mar 21, '07 11:37am PST 
They smell! The smell didn't make me gag though. I only used 1/2 the amount of garlic powder and the garlic was the strongest smell before I baked them. After they were baked they had more of a liver smell. The smell went away from my kitchen as soon as I cut them up and put all into a freezer bag.

I hate liver and will not eat it. I had to eat liver and onions when I was a kid and I didn't like it then and I don't have to eat it now laugh out loud

All in all, I say it was worth it to make them. My dogs love them and it was very inexpensive to make and I am sure a lot more healthy than the expensive store bought healthy treats and the Kelp powder does not smell bad like the recipe said.

I ended up buying a 1 1/2 pound tub of it as it was the smallest available. I am going to be using it as a daily suppliment to my dogs food, since I have bought so much and it is good for skin and coat and some other things. I was told I would have to refrigerate it if I was only going to be using the 1 tablespoon occasionally for making the treats.

I'm a licker not- a biter!!
Barked: Wed Mar 21, '07 11:49am PST 
silenced barf......... BOL

I couldn't stand the smell when I was younger and i still can't stand it now. I couldn't handle liver if I tried. big laugh You are very brave hail to handle that stuff.

When my mom would cook liver and onions when I was little, I wouldn't go in the kitchen at all. I turned green if I did!!

Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Barked: Mon Oct 24, '11 5:37pm PST 
Solid Gold Tiny Tots (all of Solid Gold is good), Merrick, Canidae, Free Range, Himalayan Dog Chews, all of these are good.

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Barked: Sun Dec 4, '11 9:18am PST 
I can't take the smell of liver either,but I'm going to try liver jerky in a food dehydrator in the basement,I don't go there except to do laundry and figure I will make the jerky between those days. Having Akitas rather than pitbulls I am trying to keep as much of their diet as possible grain free and am even working on transitioning foods from BB chicken&rice to duck and sweet potato from the wilderness line. I keep trying to learn more and get better for my pups but still stay on a budget so that we keep our home and can eat ,too.
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