Training Your Dog Not to Jump on People


There are several ways to teach a dog not to jump up on you (or others). One way is to give her an incompatible behavior to do, such as “Sit.” You can also leave the room every time she jumps up. Do not leave for more than 20 seconds or else she’ll not remember or understand why you’ve left at all. If she jumps up upon your return, repeat the process. You must be consistent. If she jumps up 10 times in a row, leave 10 times. You do it until she catches on jumping gets you gone. She wants your attention more than anything else, so she’ll soon stop. You can do this same thing using friends or family members to help. 1. Put her on lead in a Sit back from the door. 2. Have the friend knock. If your dog even gets up say, “Ah, ah” and take her back to her place. 3. Repeat until she’s stays sitting when she hears the knock. 4. Next, open the door after the knock. If she gets up, close the door and take her back to her spot. 5. Repeat until she stays in a sit after you’ve opened the door. 6. Next allow guest in, but if she runs over, the guest goes back out. She must remain in a calm Sit in order to get any attention. 7. If she jumps up after being in a calm Sit, then again guests back outside. Again it’s basically using the same method as you would use on the inside. You deny her the attention she craves until she gives you the behavior you want. And remember: if you give in before (out of frustration or exhaustion), she will only see this as a reward and continue to jump.

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