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Dogster’s Rescue Dog of the Week: Jethro

Dallas, Texas, rescue dog Jethro has been waiting two years to find a forever home. Please help this Dogster Rescue Dog of the Week.

Melissa L. Kauffman  |  Jan 23rd 2020

Let’s help find forever homes for rescue dogs who need special help like Jethro. Please share his story in hopes of finding him the perfect forever home and human.

Jethro desperately needs a forever home, having been at A Different Breed Animal Rescue in Dallas, Texas, for almost two years.

“He came to us in a litter of puppies,” says Joni McConnell, “and have no idea why everyone was adopted but him!” The rescue believes he is a mix of Shepherd/Hound/Rottweiler.

“I love him so much,” says Joni, “because he is always smiling and happy! He will be the first one to come greet you when you enter the play yard. He is very calm, laid back and gets along well with the other dogs here.”

Rescue dog Jethro has lived most of life outside exposed to the chill and heat of Texas winters and summers.

Sadly, Jethro spent his whole life living in a fenced yard outdoors, freezing in the winter, frying in the Texas summers. Jethro has never enjoyed being able to go inside a home or having a nice warm dog bed to snuggle into.

Interested in Jethro? Please contact Joni at 972-979-3455 at A Different Breed Animal Rescue. Jethro has all his shots, is neutered, micro-chipped and on monthly heartworm preventative. Now, he just needs to find the perfect home.

Have a dog or puppy looking for a forever home?

If your rescue has a dog or puppy waiting too long for a forever home, email us at to possibly be featured as Dogster’s rescue of the week on Facebook and on our website Please put Rescue Dog of the Week in the subject line. We are looking to showcase dogs that have waited more than nine months for their forever home. Or dogs that have special needs that make finding the perfect home more challenging. Include the dog(s) name, age, short history and several good photos. Include all contact information for your rescue.