Feed Your Dog at the Same Time Every Day


Feeding at a set time (versus free feeding where food is available all day) is, in my opinion, the best option. Here’s what I think are the many benefits: * It GREATLY helps potty training (you can control/predict potty schedule) * It helps dogs get PROPER amounts of food (not too much or too little) *eta: in multiple dog households where all dogs have access to the food sources * Prevents obesity (since you are controlling how much each dog gets and they can’t eat someone else’s portion) * Helps the dogs get on a schedule * Reminds the dog that you are the bearer of all things yum * Prevents middle of the night “I have to potty” * Allows you to easily add medication/supplements to individuals’ food * Allows you to vary the meals each dogs get if they have dietary issues * Provides for a proper schedule if you train with treats so you can be able to work with a dog who is not stuffed from eating all day * Dogs were not meant to graze all day, they aren’t like cows… they digest more efficiently when they get concentrated meals We free fed for years but since I started really working with the dogs I have found that feeding at set mealtimes is what I much prefer and think it has so many benefits to the minute downside of inconvenience.

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