Viral Video We Love: The Vizsla and the Wolf

When dog meets wolf (or coyote decoy, rather), the results are the most dramatic two minutes of your life.

Liz Acosta  |  May 2nd 2012

Lest we forget that our silly and sweet canine companions are the descendants of fierce and wild wolves, this video of a Vizsla stalking a coyote decoy reminds us that our dogs have still got it!

When Rasta spots the decoy on a golf course, the dog’s hunting instincts kick in, and — for what seems like an eternity — she slowly and precisely stalks the coyote. The decoy is intended to scare off geese, but it seems to have also caught the attention of Rasta! The decoy might have to get a restraining order now!

The spell breaks when Rasta’s human throws a ball, and then she’s back to a tail-wagging, tongue-lolling domestic dog.

Set to the theme from Jaws, this might be the most dramatic two minutes of your life!

Via MetaFilter