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Viral Video We Love: Dog Guards Bike, Then Goes for a Ride

This Golden Retriever has become a bit of a celebrity in China as he faithfully guards his owner's bike from thieves.

Liz Acosta  |  May 4th 2012

We need a dog like this in San Francisco!

With bike thieves becoming more and more emboldened these days, a personal bike bodyguard isn’t such a bad idea.

Thanks to this Golden Retriever in China, owner Luo Wencong never has to worry about coming out of the market to find nothing but a sawed off U-lock.

The dog — named Li Li — faithfully stands guard, causing locals to nickname him the “Bike Hugging Dog.” When Wencong returns, Li Li hops on the back of the bike, and with a bark, they ride off into the sunset together.

Via Jezebel and Orange News; image via Orange News