Video We Love: Purina’s Dog Park Disguised as a Cat Park in Action

In an effort to build a sense of cat community, Purina Cat Chow commandeered the North Shore dog park in Florida with giant cat toys, but we think the dogs still come out on top!

dogedit  |  Apr 18th 2012

Remember our post about the Purina Cat Chow takeover of the North Shore dog park in St. Petersburg, Florida? Well, here’s a video of the “cat park” in action! With dogs running around it, natch.

To demonstrate that cat people have just as much a sense of community as dog people do, Purina Cat Chow populated the dog park with giant cat toys such as an oversized scratching post and ball of yarn you could knit a thousand sweaters from! (OK, it wasn’t real, but one can dream.)

But while the purpose of the cat takeover was to bring attention to our feline friends, we have to say that this one went to the dogs. We love our kitty companions, but can you imagine what it would be like if there were cat parks? What would they look like? How would they work?