Talking Dogs: A Compilation of Some of Our Faves

This video compilation of English-speaking canines reveals what dogs want. (Food, mostly.)

dogedit  |  Oct 30th 2012

After years of living with your canine companion, you’ve no doubt come to understand her body language, her looks, that specific whimper that means she needs to go outside. But let’s admit it — some messages wind up lost in translation. For example, you thought the dog wanted to go outside, but really the dog wanted a treat (well, the dog always wants a treat).

These dogs, however, have learned to talk. Like parrots, sometimes they only pick up strange phrases or sometimes a genuine plea (for example, the pooch who coos, “I want my mama!”) — either way, understanding these pooches is easier than trying to decipher a specific tail wag or whimper.

This video features the very best talking dogs. From a Dalmatian who utters a surly “Hello” to a Husky who gives us a guttural “Run around,” these dogs might have you, well, howling in laughter.

OK, maybe the dogs aren’t really talking, but we can dream, right? Actually, maybe we wouldn’t want our dogs talking. Just think about all the things you’ve done in front of a dog just because they can’t tell on you.

Does your dog have anything to say?

Photo: Sharpei puppy arguing over the phone by Shutterstock

Via So Dog Gone Funny