Little Jackson has a problem. First, he’s a puppy, and sleep is a big priority. Second, he doesn’t have a suitable bed.

That’s when Little Jackson gets inventive. Spying his big brother, Little Jackson makes a few observations: Big Brother is soft, Big Brother is warm … Big Brother will make the perfect substitute dog bed.

Much to the grunting disapproval of the bigger dog, Little Jackson hops on board. (This requires a few attempts.) Finally finding some secure footing, Little Jackson makes himself comfortable, and then swiftly falls asleep. It’s almost too cute to believe.

Watch in suspense as Little Jackson climbs up on the big dog. Gasp in fear as he tumbles down the other side. Conclude with an “Awww!” in heartmelting joy as Little Jackson lands, curls up, and falls asleep. Bonus! The big dog gets a puppy paws massage.

We bet you can’t resist awww-ing out loud. If your co-workers look at you weird, don’t worry … just climb on their backs and fall asleep. Comfortable, right?

Photo: A black and white image of a white and a black Labrador puppies by