You know how they say you end up looking like your dog? Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani takes the concept to the extreme with his photo manipulations of dogs and their humans.

In his series titled “Underdogs,” Magnani masterfully blends portraits of dogs with portraits of their humans. They’re not as weird as you’d think. In fact, they almost seem like a logical progression.

The project originated in 2009, when Magnani had the spontaneous idea to merge a photo of his dog and a photo of his friend into one image — an image that would contain both of his favorite people. The image found its way into a skateboard magazine, and Magnani found his way into a dog-training school, where, naturally, he found more material for his crazy idea.

The resulting images are not always of a dog and his or her human friend — sometimes the dog belongs to someone else — but the result is a seamless and dramatic merging of two creatures who’ve been in one another’s lives for thousands of years.

Aside from making a powerful comment on the dog-and-human bond, the photographs are striking on their own, inviting us to consider our relationship with dogs — its significance, its lessons, and its humor.

Via Laughing Squid