If dogs played poker, they would lose. They’d get a full house and wag their tails and then everyone at the table would know. Dogs are sincere to a fault.

Here are 10 dogs who can’t hide what they did.

“Oh what? You can’t find your shoes? Gosh, I wonder where they went! Nope, I haven’t seen your expensive Italian leather shoes.”

“I swear someone came in here and stole the turkey off the table. I tried barking, but it was too late.”

“With cuteness like this, how can I be guilty?”

“Hey, I’m a dog. How was I supposed to know what you meant by, ‘Don’t do that on the rug’?”

“You left and I didn’t know if you were coming back! So I panicked and ate this cushion for comfort!”

“Whoever smelt it, dealt it.”

“Whatever it was, the cat did it.”

“You mean someone was digging in the yard? You don’t say!”

“What pillow?”

“I can explain.”

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