Pix We Love: Behold the Beauty, the Grace, the TONGUE of the Greyhound

Steve Uyehara captures the different sides of a goofy Greyhound at the West Coast Greyhound Gathering.

dogedit  |  Apr 30th 2012

Steve Uyehara is a photographer who, like many of us, loves Greyhounds!

He loves their grace, their power, their speed, their beauty … and their goofiness.

Just check out these photos of one very silly Greyhound that Steve caught in the act of having a thorough, tongue-wagging shake at the West Coast Greyhound Gathering in Solvang, California.

The Gathering hosts the “Solvang Streak,” a one-off fun run down a straight, enclosed course so the pooches can show off their speed.

Or their tongues — you know, just whatever strikes their fancy at the moment!

We wanna know where all that tongue goes when a Greyhound isn’t sticking it out!

Photos by Steve Uyehara/Crackerdog Photography, used with permission