This squirrel has some of the best, most thorough nut-burying hands we’ve seen since summer camp. Look how he neatly tucks away his winter prize — one nut, delicious — in 100 percent Bernese Mountain Dog fur. Who can blame him? He’s like the Kanye West of squirrels; he wants his nut to be comfortable. He wants his nut to hibernate in luxury. He wants his nut to have only the finest. Unfortunately he’s totally out to lunch on this one.

And the dog — bless his heart. The dog looks a little embarrassed for the squirrel, he looks a little cringey, watching another species embroiled in such a spectacular fail. He doesn’t want to break it to the squirrel that his nut ain’t getting buried in his flank anytime soon, that he’s a little slow upstairs, that he’s not playing with a full squirrel deck. Frankly, this squirrel probably hears that enough from his friends. So the dog is just going to keep quiet, let the whole thing slide, and wait for his little friend to get the picture and move on to his next adventure — probably running into a glass door or something.

Nature is pretty great.

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