Abbey the Dog Tries to Take a Bite Out of Traffic — Literally!

Watch this Border Collie take on sedans, SUVs, compacts, even 18-wheelers!

dogedit  |  Jul 19th 2012

We all know the classic trope of dogs chasing after cars, with the classic question being, “Well, what will the dog do with the car once he catches it?” This Cuteness Correspondent once knew a deaf, freckled Lab mix who would loyally chase after departing vehicles, and once she caught up with them, she would try to hitch a ride. This was while I was housesitting a remote home in the Santa Monica Mountains, so everyone in the small community knew of Roxie’s car behavior and sometimes entertained her with a lift down the dirt road.

Abbey the Border Collie, however, takes some serious offense to cars, attempting to bite every vehicle that passes by her window. It may be her sheep-herding instincts kicking into gear, or it may be her creative way of protesting our reliance on fossil fuels, but either way, the cameraman’s angle and Abbey’s tenacious persistence make for a pretty funny image. She kind of looks like a dinosaur snapping fiercely at prey!

As you can see, Abbey is secured in the car, so there’s no real danger of her leaping out, and we’re sure her human companion rolls up her window for most of the ride.

What’s the weirdest thing your dog has ever tried to chase?

Via CBS News