This might be one of the cutest videos we have ever seen. We know! We’ve seen lots of cute videos! So if we say this is the cutest, you better believe it.

While on a walk with his best human friend, Arthur the toddler, Watson the dog demonstrated the depths of love that dogs are capable of, and it’s really a beautiful thing to behold. Not only does Watson walk at the toddler’s stilted pace, but when Arthur spies a particularly tempting mud puddle and decides to go for a splash, Watson patiently waits while the kid pauses to play.

In a show of mutual tenderness, Arthur very delicately places Watson’s leash down the ground. The gesture alone is magical and endearing, and we see a bright future of loving canine companionship ahead for this kid. Arthur looks at Winston all like, “Hey, wait here just a minute,” and then proceeds to wade through the puddle — once, twice, three times … and one more time for good measure.

Winston waits, standing patiently in place while Arthur plays, not once trying to hurry the kid up. It’s a beautiful day out, they’re surrounded by glorious nature, and what more could you need besides a dog, a boy, and a puddle to splash in? Well, you need to watch this video — that’s what!

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