We know, we know! We’ve been talking quite a bit about costumes here lately. We can’t help it! We’re so excited for Halloween. And whether you dress up, or dress the dog up, or dress like your dog — and whether you stay in, go out, or just pass out candy at the door — we wish you and yours a happy, safe Halloween.

Okay, so that Pug costume? We know — more like pajamas, right? But what if you want to dress up like a dog, or take it way back and dress up like a wolf? What if you want something really complete, not just supermarket ears and a painted nose?

This wolf costume is one of the coolest, most ambitious costumes we’ve seen! (However, it fails to impress the cat.)

Yup, there’s just one person in there, on stilts, and the costume allows you to almost mimic the elegant lope of a long-legged wolf.

Pretty crafty, right? Unfortunately, it looks like we can only watch and marvel at this costume accomplishment. Beastcub Creations — who is responsible for this incredible creative feat — is overbooked with work!

But if you could get one of your own, would you wear it? How many of you are dressing up as dogs for Halloween?

Via Doobybrain