5 Things You Say to Dogs That Would Get You Smacked if You Said Them to a Human

"Do you want to spend the night in the crate!?" is not what you say to a co-worker you disagree with. Buzzfeed made a video about this.

Liz Acosta  |  Nov 8th 2013

“Hey, get off the couch!”

“Don’t eat that!”

“You’re getting kind of chubby, aren’t you?”

“You need a bath.”

“You stink.”

Who — me? How dare you!

Oh, you mean the dog? You’re talking to the dog. Well, goodness gracious.

But think about it! We say so many weird things to dogs that would be totally outrageous if we said them to another person. Like, I was walking home last night, and a gentleman was walking toward me with a dog breed I recognized and love and I was all, “Is that an Akita?”

Had I said something similar about his kid (“I hear they’re really good with people!”), I probably would have gotten punched in the face. Or at least a stern look.

BuzzFeed has more phrases we say to dogs that would be totally weird if we said them to a human friend instead of a canine friend. They’re in this video.

Can you think of any other ones?

Photo: A golden retriever with head turned sideways curiously/curious by Shutterstock

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