Dogwool: People Wear Sweaters Made from Their Dogs’ Fur

Photographer Erwan Fichou takes shots of people, sweaters, and dogs together.

Liz Acosta  |  Jan 17th 2013

It’s winter, which means certain dogs have grown an extra-thick coat to help stay warm. It’s the equivalent of a perma-Snuggie. Lucky pups, getting to wear their pajamas all day and all night. They don’t know how good they have it!

However, when temperatures begin to creep up, those dogs will be shedding fur by the fistful … and shedding and shedding and shedding … and shedding. Have you ever brushed your pup and seemingly gathered enough fur to make a full-size replica? (I grew up with an Akita — that’s a lot of fur.)

If so, and if you have ever thought, “Well, gee, I ought to spin this into yarn and make a sweater,” then you will appreciate the work of photographer Erwan Fichou. We’re not sure what the process was (we sure hope the fur was clean), but somehow someone gathered the fur of the dogs pictured here, spun it into wool — dogwool — and knitted sweaters for the dogs’ owners. Fichou then photographed the dogs and their owners, who wore the sweaters made out of their canine companions’ fur. For some, it’s their greatest fantasy come to life.

Images via Erwan Fichou’s website, story via NeatoShop