Christopher Walken Gives Advice on, Well, “Walken Dogs”

A new parody from the Pet Collective has the actor (or someone who sounds a lot like him) chatting with his pup.

Liz Acosta  |  Dec 11th 2012

We’re not sure if this is really Christopher Walken — all of the shots are from the point of view of his supposed new dog, Lily, so we never see his face. But whoever does the voiceover sure sounds like Christopher Walken, so let’s go ahead and pretend, all right?

In this video from the Pet Collective series Walken Dogs, Christopher Walken is out, well, Walken his dog. In the video, Walken explains the fine etiquette of walking your dog and the importance of collecting any refuse your dog produces along the way. Because, as Walken explains, someone might step in the poop and end a friendship, or you might get fined the cost of an iPhone (in some cities, however, it might just cost you one of those old-school Nokias).

Whether or not it really is Christopher Walken, we can imagine the famous actor instructing us on how to walk our dogs with the best of them. Plus how funny is it to hear a Walkenish voice say, “Dog turd?”

It continues: In episode 2 of Walken Dogs, Walken compares the art of walking a dog with salsa dancing, how it’s like two people dancing in perfect harmony with each other.

We think these videos are in perfect harmony with our funny bone!