Cuteness Overload: Dog and Baby Jump Together

Dakota the dog and Alexis the baby are tearing up YouTube with a jumping tutorial -- of sorts.

Michael Leaverton  |  Nov 10th 2014

The title of this video is “Ally & Day, Dog Teaching Baby How to Jump,” and it was uploaded by Sabrina Sauve. It’s pretty cute:

Of course, no dog is teaching no baby how to jump in this video — we’re with you on that. It’s just a title; don’t get carried away. No need to go posting in the YouTube comments about how the dog is just jumping on the shadow and such, as plenty have done so already.

Take Ivan Corona, for instance: “The dog is clearly intrigued by the shadow of the baby he’s not teaching him how to jump stop lying”

Indeed, Sabrina, stop lying.

All you really need to know is that, together, the baby Alexis and the dog Dakota are the current monsters in the dog/baby cuteness wing of YouTube, with this video nudging up against 3 million views.

They’re quickly approaching last week’s monsters in the dog/baby cuteness wing, the crawling baby and the dog who gave her a congratulatory lick after she successfully made it across the floor. It’s the little things that count. That pair just sailed past seven million views. It’s a good one, too:

That a lot of cuteness for one morning. Who knows what next week will bring.

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