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So You Want to Be a Dog? This Is EXACTLY What It Would Be Like

We know you've often wondered what your life would be like if you were dog. Lucky for you, we've got the answers in this neat little video.

 |  Jun 25th 2013  |   0 Contributions

We know you've done it.

We know you've sat on the couch, momentarily distracted from the television show you were watching to gaze in amazement at the way your dog licks his own butt with aggressive nonchalance, and we know you've wondered, "What if I were a dog?"

It would be amazing, right? The only rules of etiquette that would apply to you would be to politely sniff strange dogs' butts in a sign of greetings and salutations. You could fart in an elevator and you wouldn't care. You could barf in front of guests and then heartily eat it again without a second thought. Because your friends would still feed you treats and scratch that spot just behind your ear that your paw just can't reach.

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But there are other perks to being a dog besides flaunting all the stupid rules human have! Our friends at BuzzFeed have compiled all of them into one place.

For instance, if you were a dog, you would get a lot more sleep. How much more? Twice as much!

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You'd be able to run really fast! And you'd totally love running! Wee! Fun!

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And instead of using your thumbprint to identify you, people would use your nose print -- which is, like, infinitely way cuter, right?

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And those are just some of the ways your life would be different (read: cooler) if you were a dog. Check out the video for the rest of them:

Photo: Young man playing outdoors with his pet dog by Shutterstock


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