Baby the French Bulldog Adopts Six Orphaned Boar Piglets in Germany

A dog's love knows no boundaries: Baby the French Bulldog welcomes six abandoned boar piglets as her own at the Lehnitz animal shelter.

Liz Acosta  |  Apr 19th 2012

A dog’s love knows no boundaries. It transcends race, weight, height, age, wealth, and yes, species.

Just ask Baby, the French Bulldog who has taken in six orphaned boar piglets as if they were her own!

When the Lehnitz animal shelter in Germany received a call about a litter of baby boars, they weren’t quite sure what to expect. Luckily, Baby stepped in, welcoming the piglets with open paws (and giving us the “Awwws!”).

The piglets — who are named Spots, Nesti, Diva, Borstel, Ernie, and Bert — are said to have very distinct personalities. Their handler says they behave a lot like cats or kangaroos since they have a tendency to jump up into the air when frightened.

Thanks to their foster mama, they don’t have much to fear now!

Video via Vice