Author: Winnie Titchener

Winnie is a writer, gardener, archivist, and oral historian in the mountains of North Carolina. She feels very lucky to have found a career that lets her spend entire days reading old papers and interviewing interesting people. At home with two dogs, three stepkids, and one delightful and ever-patient partner, she enjoys knitting, hiking, and doing as close to "nothing" as she can get away with. Full Name (Including Embarrassing Second Names): Winnie Titchener Location: Blue Ridge Mountains, NC Where You Can Find Me on the Internet: Instagram and Twitter What I Do for a Living: Oral history and manuscript archives What I Do for Fun: Read, read, read, practice Russian, fool around with plants, hang with the dogs. The Furry Members of My Household Are: Guadalupe "Lupe" Martin, an older Chihuahua whose shelter name was so catchy it stuck. And Hobo Richard, nee Shep, another old man who is allegedly a border collie mix. All I know is he's a maniac. My Favorite Things to Write About Are: Dogs, relationships, feminism, beauty products, books, farm life, old-timey Appalachian culture and history, food. My Pet Peeves Are: Failures of basic consideration and respect for one's fellow citizens. Things that are wet that should not be wet. My Guilty Pleasures Are: Generally I'm shameless, but I am embarrassed by how much I play Two Dots and Plants vs Zombies on my phone. How I Deal with Dog Hair: Sweeping every day, sometimes twice a day. Acceptance, resignation. What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: Reasonably healthy and relaxed.