Author: Sara Reusche

Sara Reusche is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Veterinary Technician who owns Paws Abilities Dog Training in Minnesota. She has worked as a groomer, dog daycare attendant, animal shelter caretaker, adoption counselor, and vet tech. Sara currently writes, speaks, and teaches. Her goal is to help people enjoy their dogs, and she has a special fondness for anxious and reactive dogs. Sara is active in the animal rescue world and has successfully fostered over 100 dogs. Layla, Dobby, and Mischief, her furry crew, all started off as fosters who ended up staying. They compete in a variety of fun dog sports, including rally and competitive obedience, lure coursing, canine freestyle, nose work, and agility. Full Name: Sara Reusche Location: I’m a Minnesotan who divides my time between Rochester and the Twin Cities. Where You Can Find Me on the Internet: My website, Paws Abilities Dog Training; my blog, Paws Abilities; and Facebook  What I Do for a Living: I write, talk, teach, and think about helping people enjoy their dogs about 60 hours a week through my business, Paws Abilities. What I Do for Fun: Besides spending time with my dogs, you mean? I love to read, belly dance, and stay up too late. The Furry Members of My Household Are: Layla and Dobby are Minnesota White-Toed Chipmunk Dogs, and Mischief (also known as Trout… it’s a long story!) is a North American Yodelhound. My Favorite Things to Write About: I love to help people enjoy their dogs by better understanding, listening to, and communicating with them. My Pet Peeves Are: Bad music, food mixed with other food, and writers who don’t use Oxford commas. My Guilty Pleasures Are:  Music, freshly baked cookies, a hot bath, and a good book to get lost in. How I Deal with Cat/Dog Hair: My friend claims that dog hair is the secret ingredient in her homemade cookies. I remain skeptical (but I also never turn down a cookie from her). What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: I refuse to answer this question because I refuse to grow up.