Author: Keith Bowers

I’m senior editor at Catster, and I occasionally write for Dogster. I'm a broad-shouldered, bald-headed, sharp-witted, cat-lovin’ man who makes valiant attempts to always use left and right brain in equal measure. I grew up mostly on the East Coast (Navy brat) and my ancestors are Southern (go figure), but I came of age in the Wild West. So my worldview resembles something like an old drive-in horror movie or a song by the Cramps. A friend and former roommate once borrowed words from Dr. Hunter S. Thompson to describe me: "A high-powered mutant, never intended for mass production." Holy Toledo. Full Name (Including Embarrassing Second Names): Keith Steven Bowers Nickname: Felix (after Felix the Cat, who is tattooed on my right shoulder) Location: I'm a new resident of Livermore, California, which I can't decide whether to call "Nevermore," "Evermore," or "Liverwurst." (For the record, the town is named for a rancher named Robert Livermore, not the internal organ.) For more than a decade I lived in the East Bay city of Alameda, California, sometimes called “the Island Nation.” I’ve lived numerous places in North America (see: Navy Brat) and have permanent wanderlust. Other places I’ve called home include Oregon, Rhode Island, Florida, Nebraska, and South Carolina. Where You Can Find Me on the Internet: Here What I Do for a Living: I assign, edit, and write things for Catster. I write a column called Cat Dandy, from the perspective of a well-dressed, fashion-conscious man who loves cats. Sometimes I take in serious topics, sometimes I interview celebrities of the cat world, sometimes I just make people (and myself) laugh. I round up images and videos for the site, too, and I help update social media sites with the things we do here at Catster HQ. What I Do for Fun: I ride (and build and tweak and break) bicycles. I ride motorcycles. I do fine art (photography, painting, drawing, and junk sculpture). I perform (a mix of storytelling, stand-up comedy, and confessional). I read (endlessly). I write (for fun and profit). I drink lots of coffee (because coffee makes everything better). I spend time in gigantic graveyards. I go see other people perform. I spend as much “unwired time” as possible. I pet kitties. The Furry Member of My Household Is: Thomas, a gray-and-brown Tabby whose aliases include Little Mr. BIg Paws and "Thomas Tigger Tiger tiKKy." My former feline furries include Baxter, Petra, Topper, Max, Violet, Hobbes, Fraidy, Cleo, and Tiger Lily. My Favorite Things to Write Are: Commentary, comedy, parody, satire, the occasional righteous (and well-informed) rant. My Pet Peeves Are: Needless panic and rushing on pubtrans or in line for coffee. Showboatery. Words used by people trying to sound smart and innovative that end up sounding dorky and confusing, such as “global proactive full-service e-commerce solutions synergy.” My Guilty Pleasures Are: A Reuben sandwich, french fries, peanut butter milkshake, and cup of strong black coffee at Bill’s Place, one of my favorite diners in San Francisco. Reading a copy of The Economist cover to cover on a long plane ride. Doctor Who. How I Deal with Dog/Cat Hair: Wear it proudly (and then brush it off when no one’s looking).