September 26, 2019

Rural dogs

Raising a Dog in the Country

Practically the only things a city dog and a country dog have in common is canine DNA and love of snacks. Their lives couldn’t be more different. “They have space, fresh air, grassy fields and room to run, freedom to poop wherever they want and so many delicious smells,” says Wendy Wilson, who lives on an 80-acre hobby farm in Oakland, Oregon, with her Chihuahuas Petey and Cheech. “Rural dogs, when kept by responsible owners with fenced properties, really do have it made. They can roam and sniff and roll and explore without being confined.”

chronic vomiting in dogs

The Curious Case of the Nervous Tummy

You’re exactly right, like a goose! She stretches her neck waaaay out like this …” I was on my first telephone call of the day with the remarkedly descriptive owner of Flora the Maltipoo, named after the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, naturally. Flora seemed to be suffering from chronic vomiting, although there seemed to be mild anxiety mixed in with potential neck pain. Despite the flowery description, I didn’t have the faintest clue what was going on.

Service Dogs Good for Recipients and Their Families

A Purdue University study published in May in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy attached a numerical measure to the positive effect of service dogs on humans. Although previous studies demonstrated that service dogs improve people’s quality of life, this study is the first to show measurable benefits of service dogs. According to the study, …

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My Dog Can't Pee

My Dog Can’t Pee!

Dogs can develop health problems that make them unable to urinate. Bladder stones are the most common cause. Some breeds, such as Schnauzers, Yorkshire Terriers, Bichon Frises and Pomeranians, are more prone to this. Underlying illnesses like Cushing’s disease and portosystemic shunts also increase the risk for stones, as does the presence of a urinary tract infection. Males seem to be at higher risk than females.

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