Day: April 24, 2010

Vaccinations for Adult Dogs

My vet recommend vaccinations every three years for adult dogs. Three-year vaccinations are exactly the same as annual ones (in regards to what’s in them.) In my not-so-professional opinion (though I have done tons of research on this issue), I believe that once immunity to a disease is formed, that immunity exists for life. Unfortunately, …

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How to Battle Giardia

My dog had a 6 month long battle with Girardia and explosive poops. It is HIGHLY contagious to other animals and people. Original infection is usually spread through contaminated water or eating fecal matter. BUT, once they have it, everything needs to be disinfected. You need to clean up his poop right away and disinfect …

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What BSL Stands For

BSL is short for Breed-Specific Legislation. It is the banning of certain breeds because of their being perceived as a threat. BSL is impractical, for several reasons. (1) It is how a dog is raised, trained, and socialized that shapes the greater part of it’s temperament, not it’s breed. To say that a dog is …

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Deciding Whether or Not to Neuter a Senior Dog

I know there is a rescue in my state that alters elderly rescued dogs on a regular basis and they haven’t had a whole lot of problems with it. If the blood work came back good and he has been under for other things around this age with no problems, I say go for it.

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