Houston Mobile Veterinary Clinic


Bellaire, TX 77401
(713) 909-5199




Physical Examinations – annual wellness, puppy/kitten exams, sick pet exams, lameness exams
On Site Blood Lab – blood chemistry testing for organ function, electrolytes, thyroid screening, CBC (complete blood count), blood coagulation testing, Feline Leukemia & FIV virus testing, canine and feline Parvo virus testing
On Site Urine Testing – complete urinalysis screens for crystals, diabetes, kidney disease, advanced urine culture system allows for detection of urinary tract infections in only 24 hours
On Site Parasite Testing – blood testing for heartworm disease, modern methods of fecal testing used for detection of intestinal parasites that are contagious to people
Surgery - spay, neuter, mass removal, wound repair, g.i. foreign body removal, gastropexy, ACL repair, FHO
Dentistry - teeth cleaning and polishing, full mouth digital x-rays, periodontal treatments for advanced gum disease, tooth extraction, enamel repair, bite evaluation and treatment in puppies, oral mass removal
Radiology – state of the art digital x-ray system allows for exceptional quality full body x-rays in minutes, on-line consultation with board certified radiologists available if needed
Advanced Lab Testing – use of local and national reference labs allows for an unlimited availability of advanced blood, urine and tissue testing
Hospice Care – at home administration of medications and fluids for sick or geriatric pets
Euthanasia – painless, stress-free sedation and euthanasia offered in the comfort of your pet’s favorite place at home, care of remains available upon request

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