Community | Community Community en-us Mon, 09 Feb 2015 08:00:00 -0800 Mon, 09 Feb 2015 08:00:00 -0800 Orion <![CDATA[Dogster Community Update: Fabulous Changes Coming in Spring 2015]]> Hey, Dogsters,
A little over a year ago, we announced that the Community areas of Dogster would be closing.  Six months later, i-5 Publishing stepped in to purchase the Community, along with Dogster’s digital magazine. 
Since i-5 Publishing acquired Dogster and Catster in July, they’ve dedicated a significant amount of time and resources to addressing the many issues that came with the lack of maintenance and neglect of the Community areas over most of the last three years. The i-5 transition team fixed many things, but some of the issues are so severe, that they just can’t be fixed. 
The good news is that the i-5 transition team has decided to rebuild the Community areas of the site on a new platform that will not only repair the features, but also will make them function even better! All data and functions (Pet Pages, Groups, Forums, etc.) will be migrated to the new platform WITHOUT THE FLEAS!
This project is already underway, and we are targeting spring 2015 to launch the new and MUCH improved Dogster. All of your suggestions have been shared with the transition team and will be considered in the process of rebuilding. 
Please know that we share your frustration as you try to navigate through the site and participate in the Community.  In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to make the site work better for you:
  • Make sure you are using the most recent version of your web browser
  • You might want to consider doing some testing with other browsers. Even if it's not your favorite, a different browser just might work better in the short term
  • If you haven’t already, please reset your password
  • Reload, reload, reload (this helps with those pesky 503 errors)
  • Try, try, and try again (using the site can be hit or miss, but sometimes, it’s a hit!)
  • Take a deep breath and look at these photos of cute dogs chillin'
You should all be very proud of the wonderful community you’ve built over the last decade. We are  delighted that i-5 Publishing recognizes this and is dedicated to giving all of you a place to express and share your love of dogs. 
Please join us in the All Paws Bulletin Group for updates and information from your friends at HQ.
Much woof,
Lori and the Community Team
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<![CDATA[Yarr, Dogsters! It's Bark Like a Pirate Day!]]> Ahoy, me hearties! Thursday, September 19, is National Talk Like a Pirate Day, where scurvy-ridden landlubbers put on hats and eyepatches and say "Arrrr!" a lot.

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Dogster Forrest is adorably ... er ... frightening!

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Check out Pirate Dogster Popeye's little feathered friend.

Dogster's piratical pups are invited to get in on the fun with Bark Like a Pirate Day, the canine version. And to celebrate, we are offering a free Jolly Roger gift in the Dogster Gift Store -- but only for today.

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Yo Ho, my friends I have a tail! In the photo, Dogster Zaide

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I'm a pirate! That I be! In the photo, Dogster Krato.

So swab the poop deck and make one of your mutineering mutt friends happy by sending them some treasure. And don't furget to tag your photos with "pirate" to join the Bark Like a Pirate stroll!

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<![CDATA[HQ Loves You: Pick Up This FREE Gift at the Dogster Gift Store Through Sunday!]]> Hoppy Easter, Dogsters!

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Beasley wishes you a furbulous Easter!

It's an Easter egg bonanza! Hop on over to the Dogster Gift Store and share this colorful pile of eggs FUR FREE with all of your furiends today through Easter Sunday:

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Easter Egg Bonanza!


Best woofs,

Your pals at Dogster HQ

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<![CDATA[Remembering Brenda Harris, a Beloved Dogster Community Member]]> I have had the privilege of managing Dogster’s community of dog lovers for more than five years now. I’ve learned a lot from the community and have become a better caregiver for my pets as a result.

One of the things that's resonated with me over the years is that we are the voice for our pets. They can’t speak for themselves, so we must make sure that the needs they can’t express are met, giving them structure and stability, exercise, good food, proper health care, socialization and training, lots of love, and the freedom to be a dog.

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Dogsters Freddy and Rudy Playing

Another small but significant aspect of Dogster’s community areas is role playing -- literally giving a voice to your dog and participating on Dogster as your dog by displaying the personality traits you think your dog has. I am often invited to Dogster groups and in forum threads dedicated to this type of role-play as my own dog Lucy.  

Lucy was a blind Basset Hound, who on one paw was stubborn and defiant, and on the other, an incorrigible clown. Her online persona would maneuver through these make-believe events by bumping into other dogs, ignoring them when they tried to get her attention, and playfully making messes by leaving a trail of slobber and drool and wherever she went.

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Lucy all dressed up for a Dogster Party

I understand that that to some people, this may seem odd, or even a bit crazy, but for us has been an opportunity to step outside of the routine of our every day lives and just have some silly fun.

Through our dogs, we took virtual trips around the world in hot-air balloons and on cruise ships, attended pretend weddings, celebrated the occasions of our pets -- birthdays, Gotcha Days, and memorial gatherings for the pets that we’ve lost -- held fundraisers for those in the community who needed assistance with vet bills, and offered support for the many other needs that are required to care for our pets.

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Walkin' the Plank on Talk Like a Pirate Day

One voice, that of a dog named Rudy Putudy, stood out among all of the others. Rudy was a mere three months old when his caregiver joined our community. A chubby little puppy with a fur heart marking his behind, Rudy became a prominent figure at these virtual events.

Rudy was a puppy, so his voice resembled that of a toddler just learning to speak. It quickly became known as “Rudyspeak” and others in the community, drawn by his dynamic and witty personality, studied enthusiastically to understand him. I pride myself on being fluent in Rudyspeak.

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"Rudyspeak" For Dummies

Rudy grew up on Dogster, but he never outgrew his “puppy talk.” He’s a thriving six-year-old dog as of today, who, in the virtual world, likes to “cuff (cuss),” play with lighters, “fwick fwick (flick flick)," order and have pizza delivered at lighting speed; “Weds owders pizza **wing wing** bimg bomgs pizza be heahs! (Let’s order pizza, ring ring, ding dong, the pizza is here!),” whips up “wummy magmical hewbal bwowmis (yummy magical herbal brownies),” and is a painter of "Rudy’s originals."

In real life, Rudy lives in Evansville, Indiana, has a flirt pole, likes to chase the Frisbee, and play at Lorraine Park with his brother Freddy.

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Puppy Rudy

In 2007, Rudy was the recipient of the coveted day in the Dogster spotlight. This is his diary entry on the day he was awarded Dogster’s Dog of the Day:

“Dis be a bewy bwight day in my wife ! I wakes up to wotsa emails .. I finks hmmm... dat be stwange ..den I see mosf be fwom Dogsta ! I fimes ouds I be da Dogsta Dog Ob Da Day !!! Dere I be wight dere on da homepage ! I be so e'cited ! ( finks mebbe I eben piddle a widdle) *bwushes* I wants to fanks ebewypup so much fo dere tweet wowds , da tweats, pup pal wequests, pwesents. Da best pwesent be my womderful fwends an da womderful pups dat wights up Dogsta an my wife ebewyday. Dis twuey be a cwose commumity ob cawing , tweet , woving genewous pup. Fank you tweet fwends an fank you Heads Quadders fo ebewyfing.”

Allow me to translate:

"This is a very bright day in my life! I woke up with a mailbox full of email and I thought, “hmmm, that’s strange." Then I noticed that most of them came from Dogster and I found out I was Dog of the Day! There I was, my photo, right there on the Dogster homepage! I was so excited (I think maybe I even piddled a little).  **Blushes** I want to thank everyone so much for their sweet words, the treats, Pup Pal requests, and gifts. The best present is my wonderful friends and the wonderful pups that light up Dogster and my life every day. This is truly a close community of caring, sweet, generous pups. Thank you dear friends and thank you Dogster Headquarters for everything!"

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Rudy's Fur Heart

Brenda Harris, the woman behind Rudy’s voice, passed away earlier this week, leaving those of us who laughed joyfully at Rudy’s antics on Dogster with a palpable silence. Brenda was a kind and compassionate; she was a devoted friend to many of us here on Dogster. She had a wicked sense of humor, loved dogs, and generously gave her voice to speak out for their needs and rights. I know I am not alone in finding it difficult to imagine Dogster without her.

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Rudy, with Brenda

To borrow from Rudy, Dogsta and ebewypup wubs you Brenda. Your spirit will live on forever in the heart and soul of the Dogster Community.  

Friends of Brenda and Rudy are invited to share their memories of Brenda in the comments. And please tell me how you express the voice of your pets.

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<![CDATA[Conwagulations to the 2012 Adopt Stroll Contest Winners!]]> Conwagulations to everyone who participated in the seventh Annual Adopt/Rescue Stroll and Contest! Dogster is proud to share the inspiring stories of rescue and adoption from the 2012 winners.

1. Grand Prize Winner: Todd

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Todd the Pomeranian started his life in a hoarder’s house with 40 other dogs. Read his winning rescue story.

2. Second Prize Winner: Idgie

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Idgie, a Chow Chow/German Shepherd mix, takes home second prize for sharing how a chicken-and-rice burrito tamed an abandoned dog found in a parking lot!

3. Third Prize Winner: Captain

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Captain the Dalmatian was crated in a dark, cold basement for up to 20 hours a day before his rescue at 6 months old.

Special Needs Winner: Van Winkle

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Van Winkle’s fur was so horribly matted when he arrived at animal services that he was unable to move. The American Cocker Spaniel wins the Special Needs category for overcoming all odds and finding his forever home.

Sassy's Seniors Winner: Houndy

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Houndy the Labrador Retriever waited nine long years at a rescue organization before he was adopted.

Rainbow Angel Winner: Conner

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Conner got picked up by the police, and it turned out to be the best brush with the law ever!

Honorable mentions

In alphabetical order: Beanster, CD, RN, CGCNatasha, Pogo, Risa, and Zoey.

You can view all the dogs that participated this year in the Main Photo Gallery Adopt Stroll, the Angel Adopt Stroll, the Sassy Senior Adopt Stroll, and the Special Needs Adopt Stroll.

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