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Yay! Zooey Deschanel Adopts Two Ridiculously Adorable Dogs

Meet Zelda and Dot, the two girls making the "New Girl" actress very happy.

 |  Mar 20th 2013  |   10 Contributions

We have something in common with Zooey Deschanel: We both love the Bill Foundation, the Los Angeles nonprofit group that rescues dogs from shelters and finds them good homes.  

But Zooey has one-upped us, big time: She's adopted two dogs from the Bill Foundation. And she announced it to the world in the accustomed way for these sorts of announcements, via Twitter: 

"I have to thank the #billfoundation for the greatest, sweetest, most wonderful dogs in the world. Apples of my eye!"

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Her dogs also have a fine adoption story, which began before she was in the picture. Some time ago, according to the Bill Foundation Facebook page, some Bill Foundation rescuers were in a shelter and came across a dog who had recently given birth -- her babies were adopted, but the dog was not. The Bill Foundation took her home and named her Aspen.

The rescuers walked around the shelter some more and came upon another dog who had recently given birth. It turns out this dog was brought in by the same woman who had brought in Aspen. The Bill Foundation named her Jasmine and took them both to the rescue, and they were finally together again.  

That's how Zooey found them. She named them Zelda and Dot. 

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Photo via Twitter

If you'd like to see more of the fine work the Bill Foundation is doing, like them on Facebook and check out this video of Tessa, who's still looking for her forever home:

Via the Bill Foundation Facebook


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