You Can Thank District Attorney Paul Howard For Getting Strong Penalties for Georgia Puppy-torturing Brothers

 |  Mar 3rd 2007  |   5 Contributions

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Thanks to Bobbe. L, Dogster Sara's furmom, for barking in about this petition. We can all thank DA Howard for being a great friend to all dogs by pushing for above and beyond penalties for the evil brothers who horribly abused that Georgia puppy.

So many times we hear about crimes against animals and the criminals are released are required to perform some ridculously minimal penatly. Not this time! This time, DA Howard is the hero who is taking these men off the street before they can harm anyone else, two- or four-legged! Happy barks and howls from the Ward pack!

Bobbe L. wrote:
Hi Joy:

My mom just sent me this petition site link to thank DA Howard for getting the maximum sentence for the torture murder of that Georgia puppy to 10 years jail time and 10 years strict probation. Thought your readers might want to hear about this and better yet, sign the petition.

Bobbe and Sara


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