You Can Tell CBS to Showcase the Lebanese Rescue Dogs

 |  Sep 30th 2006  |   1 Contribution

Jasmine by Larry Merrill

Dogster Jasmine barked in to tell us all about a chance to bring national exposure to a current dog rescue situation -- the Lebanese dogs being flown in to the States! Thanks Jasmine for sharing the bark!

Hi Annie! Can you please pass this along to other pups via the DogBlog? I'd really like to see a dog-rescue story on national news, and this seems like a great oppurtunity. This is what I've been askin' pups in the forums:

Even if you prefer a station other than CBS, nothin' beats more exposure for rescue causes and pups in need. If this story is chosen, imagine what kind of help the dogs could get, or who it could inspire! So please cast your vote!

Assignment America: You Choose

The winning story will be announced on Monday's CBS news broadcast, and the story will be aired on Friday. Paws crossed that it's the doggie story!


BTW, if you're wondering who Annie is, she's the coonhound of my pack!


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