You Can Sign the Petition to Stop Virginia Puppy Miller Ivan Schumaker, Sr.

 |  May 10th 2007  |   5 Contributions

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Today you can help prevent a known puppy miller from re-establishing his nasty business just by signing a petition.

Thanks to Christy, furmom to Shakespeare, Sydney and Lacey, for barking this in.

Christy, Shakespeare, Sydney, and Lacey wrote:

Oppose Bland County VA Puppy Mill

Hi Joy,
I received this on one of my Virginia rescue lists. Could you please post it on your blog so it can get more publicity and more petition signatures? I hopethis man can be shut down for good!

Thank you so much!
Christy, Shakespeare, Sydney, and Lacey

Hi everyone,
Please review the online petition to oppose the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to rebuild and operate a puppy mill business in Southwestern Virginia. In March, Mr Ivan Schmucker, Sr. allowed his clandestine puppy mill operation (unknown to county residents) to burn to the ground killing all 192 dogs and puppies. The farm does not have electricity or running water on the property. The applicant did not have the required CUP to run a puppy mill on his property zoned Agricultural. He still has 100 + breeding dogs on his property in outside cages. He has applied for a CUP and it will be voted on by the Board of Supervisors in June. If you are in Virginia and can make the Board of Supervisors meetings in May and June, please do so to show your support and opposition. Contact me directly for information and directions at

Please sign the petition and forward to anyone and everyone you know that loves animals. We would like to fill it up with Bland County residents though having support nationwide will be useful for the Bland County Administration and Planning Commission to see how much the world cares about stamping out the mass breeding facilities that breed so much misery!

To sign the petition, follow this link.

Thanks for your support!
Lila Borge Wills, President
Pilot, VA 24138


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