You Can Sign Petition Against California's AB 1634 Calling for Mandatory Spaying and Neutering

 |  Aug 16th 2007  |   10 Contributions


There are Dogsters and Catsters on both sides of this legislation. If you want to let California legislators know you're against it, follow this link to sign the PetPac petition.

Thanks to Patti, furmom to Clem and Cooper, for barking in this petition.

Here's a few words from the petition:

To California State Senators:

We oppose Assembly Bill 1634, an inhumane measure to eliminate all mixed breed dogs and cats in California. Only select registered purebreds that can get a government-issued permit will be legally allowed to breed. Owners with unspayed or unneutered pets will be fined $500 and face possible criminal penalties.

AB 1634 kills pets.
Supporters of AB 1634 may be well-intentioned but they are being misled. Statistics show that MORE dogs and cats are euthanized following mandatory spay/neuter laws as shelters are flooded with relinquished animals. AB 1634 will be an immediate death sentence for otherwise healthy pets.

AB 1634 hurts the blind, disabled and hearing impaired.
Any reduction in the number of service and assistance dogs will have a devastating impact on those in the disabled community who rely on these dogs to provide independence, safety and mobility. AB 1634 will also eliminate the gene pool from which to select the best breeding candidates for working dogs serving farmers, ranchers and law enforcement.


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