You Can Sign a Petition to Put Accused Pennsylvania Dog Murderer in Jail

 |  Oct 11th 2006  |   7 Contributions

Beau Chein, NPC

I'm betting that you, like me, read reports of abuse and wonder what we can do. Well, here's something you can do right now and it will take you under five minutes. Sign this petition to make sure that accused dog murderer Gary Bradshaw gets the ultimate penalty for savagely beating and causing the death of Otto, a dog whose only fault was being left behind by a scared human.

Otto's person left the house he shared with Bradshaw because he was afraid of him. Why he left Otto behind I guess we'll never know. We do know the result. Bradshaw viciously beat Otto, causing such horrendous damage to the friendly dog that he had to be put to sleep.

Thanks to all the Dogsters who have been supporting this petition and special thanks to Beau Chein for barking in about it!

Beau Chein wrote:
Hey, this is truly insane. This dog, Otto, was beaten and stabbed and all the guy had to pay was $1.00! And this was not the first time it happened either!

Link to the petition.


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