You Can Help Dogsters Call for Justice for Murdered Tennessee Dog, Court Date Tomorrow

 |  Feb 5th 2007  |   5 Contributions

Some of our caring Dogsters are working hard to protect our furfriends. Kenyon and Cinnamon are leading the charge on a case in Knoxville, Tennessee. You can help them and our Tennessee dogs and cats by signing their petition at The Petition Site. They barked this message into President Isabel's Animal Abuse Commission.

The write-up on the Petition Site explains the whole case but here's a quick sketch. A woman callously ran over a dog and then proceeded to drag it for a long distance even though witnesses tried to get her to stop. She was charged with a misdemeanor and her case comes to court this week. Our Dogster and Catster friends are trying to make sure that this insensitive excuse for a human receives the maximum sentence. Please check out the Petition Site for more information.

As most of you already know, my mom works on local animal cruelty cases. She and a couple of other Dogsters are working diligently to change our outdated, flimsy animal cruelty laws. Please, friends take the time to read and sign our petition. We must act quickly because this time we didn't have but a day to prepare. Thanks to all our wonderful friends.

Loving arfs, Kenyon and sister Cinnamon


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