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 |  Mar 16th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Wow! If you love dog art this is one blog you really want to see. Its the Year of the Dog and this art makes me wish the year would last a whole lot longer than just 365 days!

Artwork by Larry Merrill at Year of the Dog Blog

The artist, Larry Merrill is doing a full year of canine artwork.

January 29 06 through February 17, 07 is the Year of the Dog on the Chinese Zodiac. To join in the celebration, I am providing a piece of original art for each day of the year - a Dog Each Day. As with my previous project, Year of the Monkey, my styles and mediums will change with my mood, and I look forward to experimenting and sharing my results.

I will be crediting all the reference photos used for the artwork. If you have a dog photo that you have snapped and would like to offer it to me as reference, please contact me via email. Please, personal photos only, no copyrighted photographs!

That's right, he's asking for pup photos. Your dog could be featured as his next model! Merrill's email is on his site so let's get some of those Dogster photos in to him. And don't forget to let me know if YOUR furkid gets chosen as a Year of the Dog model!

BTW, this and many other interesting links are shown on the right side of this blog. We'll be continuing to add to the list as I find other blogs and sites I want to share with you.


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