Wrongful Poop Gets Righted

 |  Jul 14th 2008  |   2 Contributions

Here's a light hearted story to start off your week.

A DOG owner, who tried to prove the difference between labrador and poodle poo to council officials, has been given the benefit of the doubt by magistrates.

For Elliott the arthritic Labrador landed David Murray in court after his old legs gave way and he was wrongly accused of pooping on the pavement.

Mr Murray was handed a 50 fixed fine by wardens for dog fouling in the street.

But the 45-year-old refused to pay, claiming the mess did not belong to 11-year-old Elliott, who had only squatted because his back legs had given way.

He refused to pay and was taken to court after insisting that the dirty deed had been carried out by a poodle.

Mr Murray even bagged the offending mess before collecting a sample from Elliott and then took them to the offices of Hartlepool Borough Council to "provide a comparison" - demanding officials send the number twos away to be tested. They refused.

OK, I have to ask...how many of you would go this extreme to prove your dog's innocence? ... and who knew there was a difference between lab and poodle doo?

I love the sign Mr. Murray created for Elliott to wear. It reads "Not Guilty. Squatting - but not dropping"

I could use that for my girl Copper. She's a squatter regardless of whether she's doing a number one or a two.

It's good to see the magistrates cleared Mr. Murray and Elliott of any wrong pooing. The last thing anyone wanted was this to turn into a smear campaign : )


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