Would-Be Pet Parent on Fixed Income Needs Way to Adopt

 |  Apr 28th 2007  |   9 Contributions

Are there any rescue groups who can help Joan become a pet parent? Please bark in!

Joan barked this message in to the blog. Joan, you didn't say where you live. Please bark in and let us know your city or town.

Joan wrote:
We have found to much dismay that on a fixed income it is virtually impossible to adopt a dog unless it is from the ASPCA. Since they rarely have small dogs we are left no alternatives. We fostered a Maltese that was 12 yrs old will his family went to Hawaii for 6 months. Now that he has left there is a big void in our home that we can't fill. Wish someone could help us, but don't know where to look. Most rescues want $200 or more that we just don't have.


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