Working Like A Dog

 |  Oct 10th 2008  |   0 Contributions

There are so many dogs in shelters across the U.S., while some get adopted many never make it out.

Some dogs aren't adopted because their rather rambunctious personality can be a bit overwhelming to the potential adopter.

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation has a way to save these dogs, by putting them to work.

"They don't do well sitting in your back yard, they don't do well with little kids because they are just very very rambunctious dogs," said Marin County Fire Captain Jim Boggeri. "They need a job and they need to get out and run and do this job."

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation Canine Manager Karen Klingberg scours shelters for dogs that can't make it as pets, but might make it as disaster-scene searchers and rescuers.

"This is where your high-energy, your driven fence jumper, pulling, untrained dogs end up. And to me, those are like 'yeah'," she said.

After successfully passing a battery of tests, dogs that are sometimes just hours away from being put down at a shelter are enrolled in a six-to eight-month certification course.

This sounds like a win-win situation to me, what a great story.


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