Wordless -- rather, Speechless -- Wednesday

 |  Sep 1st 2010  |   31 Contributions

This is not a panda. This is a dog. His name is Kung Fu, and he lives in Beijing. His owners say his bleach and dye job has made him happy because he gets lots of attention. It's hard to get my head around the fact that this is a dog. (Photo: Haolan Hong, CNN)

Chow Chows dyed to resemble pandas in Zhengzhou, Henan province in China (Photo: Donald Chan, Reuters)

Do they know what they look like? (Photo: Donald Chan, Reuters)

I don't normally do Wordless Wednesdays. But words do not convey my surprise that people would want to dye their dogs to look like pandas. I am not so much wordless as speechless today.

As a lot of you know, dyeing dogs is in vogue in some countries. A recent CNN article discussed the big trend in China of dyeing dogs to look like something different -- particularly other animals. Pandas are a favorite.

Some experts say the dyes and bleaches may be quite dangerous, and that they are not tested for pet safety. "Sometimes these dyes can be fatal for pets," Mary Peng, who runs the International Center for Veterinary Services in Beijing, said in the CNN article. "Most of this industry, especially hair dyes and coloring for pets, is so new that there might not be a lot of regulation."

Many dog owners say their dogs love being dyed because they (the dogs, I presume) get far more attention. Talk about dyeing for attention! I only hope that the dyeing won't lead to dogs dying. If not of toxins, of embarrassment when their dog friends see them.

(So much for wordless or speechless.)

Here's an outlier for you...

This is a Golden retriever. It really is. (Photo: Donald Chen: Reuters)


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