Woman Who Murdered Over 20 Great Danes Spotted in Scranton, Pennsylvania

 |  Jul 7th 2007  |   3 Contributions

A week or so ago I posted about the over 20 Great Danes that had been horribly locked inside a house and left to starve. There's a report that the murderer may have been seen elsewhere in Pennsylvania. If you come across someone you suspect may be the woman or someone involved with her, please contact your local authorities immediately!

Here's a link to the original post:
20 Dead Great Danes and Remains of Other Dogs Found in Abandoned Pennsylvania House

Thanks to Patty for barking in this alert:

I just wanted to see if the story about the Bradford, Pa. Great Danes could be posted again. My concern is that this person is out there and has at least one dog still with her. The last info that came from the Bradford P.D. was that they think she is in the Scranton, Pa. area. This story needs to be kept alive as the person that did this should be held accountable.

My other fear is that she will continue to do what she knows & thats raising Great Danes.



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