Quick-Thinking Owner Uses Metal Detector on Diamond "Thief" Dog

 |  Feb 28th 2011  |   8 Contributions

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Barney the diamond thief and his clever owner, who looks like a close cousin of Hillary Clinton...

Who knows why he did it. What counts is that he did it. And that his owner, Karen Woolley, was smart enough to figure out that diamond heirloom family rings don't just simply walk off of the side of the tub on their own.

Woolley may have saved Barney's life when she started suspecting that a ring that had gone missing after she had taken it off to take a bath could have ended up in tummy of her six-month-old spaniel mix. The quick-thinking bed-and-breakfast owner got out an old metal detector and passed it over Barney's chest. BEEP! Twenty minutes later, BEEP! right over his stomach. The ring was winding its way down his digestive system.

If nature had been allowed to take its course, the three large diamonds that stick out could have ruptured his intestines. Barney could have died. Not taking any chances, Woolly rushed Barney to the vet, who was able to surgically remove the ring before any real harm occurred.

Barney is recovering nicely, according to the Sun, and Woolley has learned her lesson about leaving small objects near voracious puppies. "I'll make sure it's put safely in a drawer when I take it off in future," she said.

And maybe Barney will stop craving such a rich diet...

Dogsters, do you have any stories about your dog eating things he or she should not? I'll get the party started: Within two weeks of getting Jake when he was about 6 months old, he chewed up a can of pepper spray. Let's just say that we couldn't even walk into the same room to help him. Meanwhile he was lying there with a stunned look on his face and foam literally pouring from his mouth. All ended well, but we learned our lesson about watching what Jake "The Mouth" could get hold of...


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