Woman Fined $830 for "Dog Dirt" in Her Yard

 |  May 19th 2011  |   23 Contributions

A man's home may be his castle, but his yard apparently can't be his dog's toilet -- at least if he lets things pile up.

The British publication ShieldsGazette reports in its "crime" section that a woman has been ordered to pay 515 (about $830) for failing to clean up after her dog in her own yard.

It wasn't her first offense. She's a previous poopetrator who's been fined before and ordered to clean the "dog dirt," as the Gazette calls it. Thus the high fine.

How do you feel about this, Dogsters? Is what your dog does on his own property his/your own business? Or should law enforcement step in if it's getting rank? And is that fine a bit steep, or does the punishment fit the foul crime?


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